Carpet Shock uses three different carpet cleaning methods: Bonnet, Dry Encapsulation and Wet Rotary. You can read more about our services here.
We recommend Vacuuming in the high traffic areas but it is not required. If needed, our team will pre-vacuum the area to be cleaned.
Yes, we will move furniture.
No, we guarantee that you’ll never see stains bleed back through the carpet. They’re long gone! The active ingredient is oxygen–you can’t get more natural than this. We’ll spray the carpet with our unique solution, and use an agitator so it gets deep into the carpet where it crystallizes around dirt and stain particles.

In about five minutes, the carpet is dry and these crystals can be easily picked up by our vacuum. Any crystals not removed on the first pass will be picked up the next time you vacuum. Most traditional soaps leave a sticky residue, so we opt for one that doesn’t. The clean carpet is as clean as it gets!

All our cleaners are all natural and hypoallergenic.
No. Instead we use a system that conserves water, doing a whole house with only about 4 litres.
We usually estimate about 30 minutes per room.
Our encapsulation system dries in only 15 minutes
Yes, and we also clean vehicles.
No problem! We use an active enzyme that gets out the stain and the smell.
Only in very rare cases where a restoration clean is needed.
We are happy to help any way we can but there is a minimum charge.
We back up any work done and will do whatever is needed to stains out so they don’t come back.
Yes! See these two videos: