Our 3-Stage Process

Professional Assessment

We determine what type of services are needed.

Follow Up

In 2 days, we cure any wicking & address any other possible issues.

Ongoing Maintenance

We have monthly or bi-monthly maintenance programs available.

We Get It Clean & Keep It Clean

Wet Rotary

Wet rotary carpet cleaning is designed as a corrective cleaning method to handle heavy soiling conditions using a rotary machine. This requires higher operator training and skill levels since it has more potential to damage the carpet if done incorrectly. Because it involves a lot of moisture and cleaning agents, dry time can be longer than other methods of cleaning and stains can wick back in days. But, if you’re looking for a great deep clean, wet rotary is the way to go.


Bonnet carpet cleaning is a minimum moisture carpet cleaning method using an industry machine that resembles a floor buffer. It has an oscillating pad that is rinsed or replaced repeatedly as it absorbs soil and dirt from the carpet. Unlike steam cleaning, this method only requires small amounts of water. This means that compared to other methods of carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning has one of the fastest drying times.This method is also generally used on robust carpet with heavy traffic and not on residential cut pile fabrics since pile distortion can occur. If you need spot cleaning or need to maintain the look of your carpet weekly or monthly between extraction cleanings, this is the method for you.

Dry Encapsulation

Dry encapsulation carpet cleaning is a biodegradable, low moisture method that involves spreading a chemical solution evenly over the carpet and then using a brush or bonnet to work it in. The encapsulation surrounds the debris and crystallizes it so the soil cannot attach to more soil. After a short drying time, it is removed by using a vacuum cleaner. The drier it is before vacuuming, the better as it will leave the carpet immediately clean and dry. One key advantage to dry encapsulation is that it keeps the carpet clean longer since the dirt attracting residue is completely removed. However, while it’s great for ongoing cleaning, it’s unable to remove entrenched dirt in high-traffic areas.