“In 2010 I began looking for a new carpet cleaning service and was very happy to find Carpet Shock. I was immediately surprised at the difference their machines made to our carpets. I found that after using Carpet Shock our carpets looked brighter and cleaner longer. I would definitely recommend their services.”
— S O’Brien, Best Western Regency (Abbotsford, BC)

“We have used a number of carpet cleaning contractors over the years. It seemed that, no matter what we paid, the quality of the work was either unsatisfactory the first time out, or would decline over time. Our experience with Carpet Shock has been completely different. Their pricing is reasonable and, more importantly, the quality of their work is consistently top notch.”
— C Mackay, VRC Fitness and Cheers Bar & Grill (Abbotsford, BC)

“Very happy with a JOB WELL DONE! We received a confirmation call that we appreciated. The boys were prompt and worked efficiently. Doggy and Teenager stains are gone!There has been no one nicer than Doug through our door, so we’d definitely have them again.”
— Dianne Herbert (Abbotsford, BC)

“To whom it may concern, this letter is in regards to the services we have received from carpet shock. We are impressed with the quality of work carpet shock has provided to us. They were diligent and hardworking. We are very happy with the quality of their work and the end results. We would definitely recommend their services.”
— Dr Kyle & Cyndi Nawrot (Abbotsford, BC)

“Amazing job on my carpets. They look new and smell great. They were dry in less than 30 minutes! The cost was shockingly cheap too. I am very pleased with this service and would highly recommend to everyone.”
— Laura Hicks (Langley, BC)

“I have two dogs and my carpets were a mess, Doug was easy to contact and had great service. My carpets look great. Will definitely be using his service yearly!”
— Shay Patterson (Langley, BC)

“Wow! Doug did the greatest job. My son decided to do an art project on our off white rug and it ended up to be a faded spotted rainbow on half the carpet. I have been very impressed and thankful for such a committed and “man of his word” rug business person. He went the extra mile and I would highly reccomend him for any rug cleaning. It was a miracle for me and an asnswer to my paryers. Thank you very much.”
— Cheryl Lindsay (Langley, BC)

“My 10 year old micro fibre couch looked like an old gym sock. I tried to give it away on Craig’s List but no one would take it. Carpet Shock came by and brought it back to its original condition.. Thanks Doug you rock!”
— Danny Kerr (Langley, BC)

“We have three dogs and four kids…the carpet in our rec room has taken a beating to say the least! Carpet Shock did an absolutely amazing job! My carpets haven’t been this clean in several years. Stains, dirt spots and other discolorations are gone. I would highly recommend Carpet Shock to anyone that has carpet in their home!”
— Heather Tam (Langley, BC)

“My staircase had a major issue: the previous owner had a dog, a cat, smoked, and had bad knees so he walked up it with shoes. The previous carpet cleaner tried to clean it after I rented a cleaner for it. Doug came in with an enzyme treatment and finished with vinegar acid wash to take out the smoke tar. We now have a carpet that looks good and It is so clean I can bring my face down to smell it and feel good about it… All this after thinking it would have to be ripped out!”
— Ivan Mirosav (Langley, BC)

“My carpets were in terrible shape and needed replacing. They were presentable again and i was able to hold off replacing them a little longer.”
— Margaret Lowney (Langley, BC)

“Doug is friendly, hardworking and efficient. I’m extremely impressed with his level of knowledge on effective carpet cleaning solutions. He uses all natural and hypoallergenic cleaning products, which are safe for your family and the environment. I would highly recommend using Carpet Shock for any of your carpet, upholstery or car cleaning needs.”
— Gwen Leusink (Langley, BC)

“100% satisfied with there servie. Wouldn’t go anywhere else and neither should you 10/10 great job guys!”
— Dylan Donny Sinclair (Langley, BC)

“Doug is passionate about his business and believes in his product. Ive seen his product take out old coffee stains in our church’s carpet and he donated his time to do it. I highly recommend carpet shock”
— Todd Brown (Langley, BC)

“rustworthy, and does a better job then anyone else I know! Great prices!”
— Dara Lowney (Langley, BC)

“as able to book an appointment the next day after I called and carpets look amazing. Doug is very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend.”
— Nicole Roberts (Langley, BC)

“I am very impressed with the quality and service we have received from Carpet Shock! Doug made our carpet look brand new! I Highly Recommend Carpet Shock! The products are safe for children and pets as well!!! We will definitely be using Carpet Shock again! Thank you”
— Dan Beauregard (Langley, BC)

“I was completely impressed with his fast, efficient, and friendly service with such fantastic results! He was very professional and surpassed my expectations! I highly recommend Carpet Shock to everyone wanting their carpets cleaned.”
— Jen Wiche (Langley, BC)

“Doug will do a great job for you.”
— Barry Hirowatari (Langley, BC)

“Such amazing work! thank you thank you!”
— Breanna Diablo (Langley, BC)