5 Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

Many people buy their own small Bissell Carpet cleaning machines, others rent one a stand up from a local grocery store. The quality of the clean will be far lower than an industrial size machine but there some tricks to get the most out of your carpet.

1. Get a better cleaning Solution

Buy your cleaning solution from a janitorial supply store instead of a grocery store. You will get far more value but be sure follow the dilution instruction. Stronger dilution does not mean a better clean.

2. Use a Pre-spray

Put your cleaner into a spray bottle and spray it generously on the whole carpet. (don’t let it dry) When only filling your machine with clean water you will leave far less detergent in the carpet. Left behind detergent attracts dirt.

3. Get a machine that has a hand tool.

This will make doing cleaning the carpet on the stairs far simpler. You can also work on removing the dark edges around the base boards.

4. HOT or COLD

Using hot water to remove stains will be helpful when cleaning oily stains. However, they can often set other stains making them impossible to get out. If you use cold and it doesn’t work at least when you call us we have a chance to take care of your carpets.

5. Getting out left behind dirt and detergent

Rentals and home machines have far less sucking power professional cleaners. They should only be used for upkeep in between professional carpet cleaning.

If you feel your Carpet a not getting clean enough, or you are ready for your regular deep cleaning. Give us a call, we’re happy to help any way we can.