Removing Dark Edges by Base Boards

This can be a frustrating problem. Even with relentless vacuum they just don’t seem to go away. Here is an idea to bring a little life back to your carpets.

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN: If the carpet is tucked to tight underneath the baseboards sometimes making the carpet curve downward. This creates a gap between the power head on your vacuum and the the edge of the carpet. Most often you will find this the worst on exterior walls. This is because of the air flow inside the walls to the soffits that pulls dust and grime underneath the drywall and is caught up by the carpet.


  • Old tooth brush or scrub brush
  • Fast orange (hand cleaner)

HOW TO FIX IT: There is a product called Fast Orange. You will find it in any mechanic’s garage because it’s used to break up grease when washing your hands. You can buy it at any automotive parts store and maybe your local grocery store. They to find the Non-grit option. Rubbing in this product will work like magic to break apart those dark lines around baseboards. When it dries make sure to vacuum it up with an edging tool that should come with your vacuum.

If the stains persist we are happy to come to do a wet extraction and bring your carpets back to life