Removing Pet Smell

Why The Wet Dog Smell?

Bacteria combines with yeasts found on the dog’s skin. These molecules in the carpet stinking it up are called organic acids. On a dry Dog the acids don’t emit much of an odor. A wet dog emits much more moisture into the air making the air around him more humid, humid air holds more odors than dry air. The same goes for your carpet. This Bacteria gets into the carpet and in humid conditions can make that smell unbearable.

Removing Smell from Carpet

Professional Cleaning with an enzyme designed to break up that bacteria is key. Anything else will only mask the smell temporarily. Without this amazing enzyme, cleaning the carpet can even make that dog smell worse. It’s important that smelly source is actively removed (the bacteria, not the dog) or it will resurface when conditions are ripe.

This is also a way you can help your four-legged family member be a little less stinky.
essential oils for pet odor