Getting red dye out of carpet.

I was on a job this week with a red stain right in the middle of the living room. Here is how we got it out. You will need: Face mask Gloves Iron Rag First warm up your Iron. Then dilute a 50/50 mixture of Amonia and water, do not make it any stronger. Open a nearby window, put on … Read More

Removing Dark Edges by Base Boards

This can be a frustrating problem. Even with relentless vacuum they just don’t seem to go away. Here is an idea to bring a little life back to your carpets. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN: If the carpet is tucked to tight underneath the baseboards sometimes making the carpet curve downward. This creates a gap between the power head on your … Read More

Removing Wax From Carpet

The Holidays are over and maybe you had an advent mishap or your mood lighting melted into the carpet. Not to worry, to remove wax from carpet you will need the following items: 1 Iron 1 Roll of Bounty paper towel A little courage Warm up an iron, you know that thing you cooked Mr. noodles on in college. Let … Read More

5 Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

Many people buy their own small Bissell Carpet cleaning machines, others rent one a stand up from a local grocery store. The quality of the clean will be far lower than an industrial size machine but there some tricks to get the most out of your carpet. 1. Get a better cleaning Solution Buy your cleaning solution from a janitorial … Read More